I am proposing to create
a new kind of business.

Business that is based on the selflessness that is in all of us.
I am calling this, Social Business
-Prof. Muhammad Yunus, Co-founder Yunus Social Business

What is a Social Business?

A Business With A Social Mission At Its Core.

100% Dedicated To Solving Human Problems.

A Social Business is a company that either creates income for the poor or provides them with essential products and services like healthcare, clean water or clean energy. They operate exactly like normal companies except for a few small differences:

Like a charity, a social business is focussed on solving a social problem.
Like a business, a social business generates revenues to cover its costs.
Combining the best of both worlds meets the aims of a charity, by using the powerful and efficient motor of a business.

“A charity dollar has one life. A social business dollar can be invested over and over again.” – Prof. Muhammad Yunus

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